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Mini LED UV lamp  LIS-607.

Publish:2014/6/28 10:01:28     Read:1431

Mini LED UV lamp

Timer: 30s/60s

Machine Size: 55*33*59(mm)

Input: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz

Output: 5V, 500mA

Using Method

1.Plug the small end of the USB cable into the lamp , like picture show below . The large end of the cable plug into socket which matching from manufacturer (Computer or any applicative power source for the USB cable).

2. Press the switch button on the top when lamp is powered up , meanwhile , the timer 30S level  will shin , press again for 60S level .

3.How to choose timer you want ? Press the button to adjust timer level shin , hold on 3 Second , the lamp will ight on and timer start. And it would off by automatic when timer out .

4. If you want it off when it is working , press the switch hold on 3 second or you can plug power off directly .

Application :

Easy convenient for both hand and foot nails disinfect and dry nail gel quickly . Ultraviolet also has function as currency detector .


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